Natural Orange All-Purpose Cleaner – 750ml


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This Gel replaces all household cleaning agents in an eco-friendly way, leaving a very uplifting and at the same relaxing natural orange fragrance and atmosphere. Your home and workplace will have a completely new natural feeling. It is a very unique product that can be used for cleaning your whole house as well as your office and work place.
Effectively cleans: cutlery, crockery, glass, stoves, counters, basins, floors, windows, mirrors, bathrooms, toilets, cars, garages, floors, etc.

Once you start using Natural Orange All Purpose Cleaning Gel , you will want to get rid of all those chemical cleaning products that are so detrimental to the health of your family and the environment.

Ingredients: Aqua, Organic Orange Essential Oil, Vegetable Extract, Coconut Extract, Cellulose, Lye 0.01% for PH Balance, Non Ionic Surfactant.

*R10 refund upon return of jar


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