Tempeh (Soya) – 200g


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Plant-based protein

Tempeh is one of Indonesia’s most extraordinary gifts to the world. A cultured soyfood and has the best vegetarian source of vitamin B-12. More importantly, tempeh is a delicious, natural source of high-quality, cholesterol-free protein, making it an excellent aid to reducing cholesterol as well as a light, tasty treat.

Our passion for tempeh stems from our desire to replicate the food we grew up with in our home town; Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Like many homes in Indonesia, tempeh has always been a part of our family’s lunch and dinner table. We have been dedicated to refining the production of tempeh, following traditional Indonesian slow fermentation process to create a product which is true to its origin. We use GMO free soy beans, which are sourced locally and carefully handcrafted in Cape Town.

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