Mushroom Growing Kit (Oyster) - Plastic-free!

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Grow your own oyster mushrooms!


Here are the steps below for the mushroom kits
1. Remove the lid of the glass jar
2. Tilt the jar on it's side and place it onto a plate (sideways) with the jar being open
through out the growing period
3. Mist your mushroom jar 3 -4 times daily
4. Harvest you mushrooms in 4 - 5 days
The kit really simple to use and perfect for the beginner looking to learn
about mushroom growing and how to maintain excellent fruiting
conditions. There are advantages to using mushroom kits to grow your
own mushrooms. Minimal effort. Most mushroom kits just need a good
location, water, and a little patience. After a few days you can expect
your mushies to start fruiting Just make sure that you mist them with
water out of a spray botte 3- 4 times a day
you can expect up to 4 harvests from your kit at about 3 to 400 grams
per flush .
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